Village Parks

The John Hanson Memorial Park (aka Village Park)

Anton Barta Park at the Mullet River Dam Site

Meyer Park (currently undeveloped)

Park Hours — 7 AM – 10 PM

No one is allowed in village parks outside these hours. No dogs or bicycles are allowed in parks at any time.

Park Rental

If you are interested in renting the Village Park, please contact the village clerk.

The cost for renting the Village Park is $30 for residents or $60 for non-residents and $20 for the brat stand (regardless of residency).

The John Hanson Memorial Park (aka Village Park) provides the following amenities:

Baseball field
2-story announcer platform with sound system
Brat stand
Tennis Court
Basketball court (blacktop)
Volleyball court (sand)

Rental Contracts

Village Hall Rental Contract
Village Parks Rental Contract
Village Hall Table & Chairs Rental Contract