Village of Glenbeulah Contact Information

Village Hall

110 North Swift Street
Glenbeulah, WI 53023

No set business hours at the Village Hall. Please contact appropriate party directly.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 128
Glenbeulah, WI 53023

Village Board

Douglas Daun President 920-377-0552  
Michele Bertram Clerk/Treasurer 920-838-2673
Paul Olm     Trustee 920-526-3594  
Corynn Feldmann Trustee 920-946-9033  
Daniel Grunewald Trustee 920-980-7957  
Scott Starnitcky Trustee 920-526-3806  

Board Meeting — 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the village hall.

Village Officials

Utility Clerk: Don Ditter, 920-526-3562

Plan Commission: MK Whyte, 920-526-3611

Fire Chief: Michael Mooney, 920-207-4118, email

Contracted Village Services

Assessor: Associated Appraisal Consultants, 920-749-1995

Building Inspector: JK IInspections 920-849-9274

Trash/Waste/Recyclables: Advance Disposal, 920-459-6030

County, State and Federal Representatives

Sheboygan County Administrator: Adam Payne

Sheboygan County Board Supervisor for GlenbeulahKeith Abler

Wisconsin 27th Assembly District: Tyler Vorpagel

Wisconsin 9th Senate District: Devin LeMahieu

United States 6th Congressional District: Glenn Grothman

United States Senate: Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin